Working in Tech & STEM Fields

Women & Gender Minorities in Tech & STEM 

If your are a woman or other gender minority in tech/STEM, you might be at increased risk for work related anxiety or depression. You likely worked hard to be where you are — but hard work doesn’t always lead to happiness. Perhaps you feel out of place or unsure of the work culture at your job. Maybe your tiered, feeling like you need to prove your self and yield high performance. Maybe you’ve felt pressured to change into someone your not or suppress your emotions. There is no wrong way to feel. Even if other women aren’t impacted in the same way — your experience is valid. I’m here to listen.


  • Self-worth & Self-Compassion
  • Identity & Narrative work
  • Assertiveness & boundaries
  • Interpersonal skills & Relationships
  • Body image


In-person (Round Rock): Tues, Wed & Fri. 
Telehealth: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fridays. 

Sliding Scale $80-$120

What do you need from therapy?

I’m looking for practical solutions

Are you worried that therapy isn’t right for you but still want change? Maybe you’ve had experiences that made you decide therapy is only for “feelers” and not “thinkers”. In my approach, we can walk through challenges and analyze stuck-points together. Therapy is absolutely the right place for practical life changes.

Request: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

I’m looking for meaning & fulfillment

Have you been living in a busy state of survival mode? Or simply “going through the motions” of life without a real sense of purpose? If you’re feeling empty, lost, or bad about your self — carve out some time to evaluate who you are and where you came from. It’s never too late to be who you want to be and live a meaningful life.
Request: Existential & Narrative Therapy

I hope to improve self-worth & relationships

Are you hoping to increase self-love & feel more connected to others? Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences in past relationships or with family. Maybe you’ve felt systemically disempowered or mistreated. All human beings require human connection & deserve respect. You are invariably important & worthy of love.

Request: Relational Therapy (RCT)