Couples Therapy


Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships can bring both great joy and great pain. Love isn’t always perfect, it isn’t always easy. In couples therapy, I strive to help couples understand one-another’s emotional world. If communication style and old dysfunctional patterns are keeping you and your partner from love, empathy, and connection, you’re in the right place. I draw from two approaches in couples work: Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman method. Feel free to explore both of these approaches to better understand the process of couples therapy. 


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) – EFT attempts to help couples understand their partners deep emotional needs and re-structure old negative patterns. This therapy encourages focus on emotions in order to help partners talk about their own experience instead of directing negative thoughts towards their partner. 

Gottman Method – The Gottman method works on combatting criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling in relationships with healthier alternatives. This process encourages couples to lean into shared values and see get to know each other again (or for the first time).

Areas of Focus 

  • Restructuring negative relationship patterns
  • Attachment Styles
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Underlying needs and Emotions
  • Repairing relationship ruptures


Walk & Talk 
(Round Rock): Mon, Tues & Friday

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fridays. 

PRICE $120
limited sliding scale slots