Family Therapy


Family Therapy

Family relationships are some of the most important connections we form in our lifetime. These relationships have a huge bearing on our happiness and healthy development. At times, it’s hard to be a parent, a child, or a sibling. Especially when we are trapped replaying the same negative patterns and stuck in fixed roles we did not choose for ourselves. In my approach, no single family member is ever “to blame” for family struggle. There is simply a chemistry between members that may be causing negative outcomes. In sessions, I strive to help families see their negative patterns and develop new ones. I also work to help members realize the “role” they’ve been playing in their family system, and offer room for understanding or power to change these narratives.


Family Systems Theory – This approach looks at families as a whole working system with emotions and patterns operating together at all times. Family Systems Theory attempts to improve communication, strengthen connection, and help members work together as a team. 

Narrative Therapy – I use Narrative therapy to help members reflect on “who they are” in their family context. Family members are encouraged to consider how they are viewed within the family and if there are negative or counter-productive stories built into their narrative. Additionally, is the family maintaining negative stories about specific members? And what effect does this have?

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions – For parent-child relationships I incorporate Ross Greens Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). This helps parents to understand new ways of supporting children (especially ADHD & Autistic kiddos). The focus is on: understanding what motivates child behaviors, increasing respectful collaboration, and leaning into attunement instead of using cookie cutter strategies that don’t work for every child.


Areas of Focus

  • Parent support
  • Families with neurodivergent members (primarily ADHD or Autism)
  • Developmental & behavioral issues
  • Family dynamics & re-structuring negative patterns
  • Intergenerational family patterns 
  • Attachment Styles


Walk & Talk
(Round Rock): Mon, Tues & Friday

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fridays

PRICE $120
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