Anxiety, Introversion, & HSPs

Anxiety, Introversion, & HSPs

I love working with introverts, highly sensitive people, and those who regularly experience anxiety. If you identify with one (or more) of these descriptors, you are likely a complex and active thinker.

You may be highly impacted by experiences around you, and processing a lot of information. With so much input from the environment, therapy is a great way to unpack those thoughts and express yourself. You might be looking for ways to reduce those aspects that make life difficult and uncomfortable. In sessions, we can look through your experiences frame by frame with some new perspective on how your viewing the footage and what you’re needing.



  • Self-worth & Self-Compassion
  • Identity & Narrative work
  • Assertiveness & boundaries
  • Interpersonal skills & Relationships
  • Body image


In-person (Round Rock): Tues, Thurs & Fri. 
Telehealth: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fridays. 

Sliding Scale $60-$100